McKee Stadium Security

I would like to take this opportunity to address the events that occurred this past Friday, Sept. 6, 2019, outside of McKee Stadium while a football game was being played. This incident happened between two people that had an issue with one another. It had nothing to do with the game or the two fan bases. Unfortunately, this issue reached its boiling point that night outside of the football stadium. It resulted in the death of one individual and the actor being taken into custody within minutes of the shooting. By no means, should this reflect negatively on the City of Jeannette or the Jeannette School District, for this could have taken place anywhere between these two individuals.

Police, Security, School Administration and Staff acted swiftly to ensure the safety of the football players & coaches, cheerleaders, band and fans, and their actions should be commended.

The City of Jeannette Police Department and the Jeannette School District Administration have met and will implement more safeguards to enhance the safety measures already in place. I ask that everyone please be patient with these new safety measures that will be implemented for future home games. The Jeannette School District will release a statement of these changes.

Chief Shannon Binda